Saturday, November 30, 2013

Glacier Day

Photo by Gerard Brown - more photos here:

Friday, November 29, 2013

Latitude's Everything

Off across the desert we flew, or tried to. Violent headwinds and a car designed like a speed brake made the going slow until we tagged along behind a team support truck . Closely behind, about a foot. Fang's relaxed steering kept Chuck busy, busy and me plastered against the other window to warn of oncoming vehicles. Tossing about like a cork in a blender and stuck to a pickup at 140 km
sure made the turns invigorating. Great fun.
A kindly fuel truck met the teams halfway from nowhere and even gave us sandwiches. After hours of gravel and not much else the peaks of Torres del Paine appeared.

Lunch break, sorta, near a lake

50 liters of free fuel with a smile and a sandwich too

Waiting for Danny, by the River

Just a silly millimeter more

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fang Time continues

Gerard Brown's Day 12 photo:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fang's Flight Test

First medal run on Monday proved that Fang was not meant for flight. Next test on uphill gravel 20 km later done without shocks reminiscent of a rodeo event. Possible repairs lead us to a gold miner's fish farm and a pleasant afternoon drilling and welding. 220 v drills are hard on bits. This repair lasted until the first pot hole or approximately for three minutes. Ready to join the picnic club, we chanced upon a hardware store and resupplied with bolts of unknown quality and two replacement bits ( which do not fit our drill motor). While your pilot/diver consoled  himself with Top Gun and an unusual buffet, our support team located a mechanic. By One AM Fang had most of his sox back on and we were ready to hit the race track at 7AM.
Monkey goes racing, Esquel Circuit 7AM
It's the Pits

Picnic Club or Race? Time will tell. 

Top gun will clean the pipes

Fishing Break

Where's my Monkey Wrench? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rally Rules

Obligatory appearance @ bar ( they made me do it) followed by Questionable buffet.  Slightly intoxicated, fighting heartburn and sleep deprivation, now is the time to do next day's calculations. No problem if mistakes are made, officials change course anyway.

Night, or what is left of it:
Heavy sleep, snoring, rudely interrupted by pre-dawn, even more suspicious breakfast. What IS that and why can't I cut it?

Driving, punctuated by frightening episodes of rocket research on gravel or race track. Monkey scared. Leisurely 500 or 600 km drive, much on gravel, toward another full filled night with occasional stops for P&P. Notice no mention of lunch because we carry essentials-Water and a fine selection of gas station cuisine to be consumed under way as road conditions allow.

Navigator and driver equally responsible for ear protection sufficient to eliminate any possibility of communication.

Fashion..delete.  Avoid opening suitcase until mandated by health officials!

SKERRRRRT! - aka screeching tire sound...

According to Leslie and Randy's current post, the Chilean border guards are on strike!  I suspect we'll be hearing more from Chuck and Pam, on that, soon.

Looks like no one is holding Fang back on today's test track.  Not a lot of room between the right fender and the tire here..
"...a track upon which we could unleash the inner Fangio that lurks in us all."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rest day in Bariloche

Under the eves of Llao Llao

As wonderful as God's best scenery, punctuated with Bentleys, Lagondas and other rare birds, are the stories of our fellow rally participants. Saturday, on beauty overload and empty stomachs, we pulled up at a very Swiss restaurant to be joined by Jean and Anne Steinhauser. They had eaten in the same restaurant a year earlier on another rally. Traveling the world in a series of spectacular cars, their enthusiasm, undaunted by being soaking, and tales of glory and misadventure made our meal.

Two perfect driving days through bucolic scenes, green rolling hills, horse country-(several photos of, below) Tempted to stop and buy a pony. A special treat was Parque National Conguillio, a magical dip through monkey tree forests and lava fields around a recently active volcano. 

Now we are into the lakes and mountains district, very European. Saturday just after a chalet and brass band ski town, we had an uphill medal trial on gravel.The organizers were challenged to find a section clear of goats and other pitfalls. Team Bardhahl members, Les and Rand took the medal. Go team! 

Rally has put up at the legendary Llao Llao Hotel for two nights. She's a creaky old gal with splendid public areas and halls that could handle an invading army. Lake views and wind, lots of wind. Bring extra balls for the golf course. Our room is beyond the top floor up a little flight of stairs and at the very end of hall. We are indeed under the eves. This is where Victorians kept their mad uncles. Tiny windows fore and aft with glimpses of lake and mountain, especially from our skylight. Somehow it suits us.

Congratulations to Team Bardhahl members, Les and Rand, on your medal win!
 Beyond the top floor-under the eves!

Road divider?

Waiting to clear goats for metal run.

Oh wipers! Where art thou? 
Route adjustment occasionally required

Tempted to stop and buy a pony.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Some maintenance needed today

Due to some volcanic dust, we found it necessary to clean our carburetor inlet filter in the shower, along with our underwear.  A little air dry and we're good to go...

Warm Road: Volcan Llaima is one of Chile's two most active volcanoes

Photo Tour

One of Chile's two most active volcanoes - travel at your own risk! 

You dirty rat!

"A lizard scuttled away..."

I think my little brother, Charlie, and his T-Zero shop, will really like this photo (along with all the spectacular others) by Rally photographer Gerard Brown - everything looks like it's working hard on Fang, and he's ready for more.  Interesting orientation of the lower headlights.  I have a report that perhaps they are non functional due some previous gravel encounters? :(.
Kim Lyford Bishop
"A lizard scuttled away as Chuck and Pam Lyford crunched their Chevrolet across the lava."
Fred Fangio, Day 8 Rally Report

Horsepower Therapy - The Pegasus Project

Haven't heard from "Pam" or "The Driver Seat" about the last rally section yet, so until then, here's a very worthy cause sidebar: Danny and Michael Day, Car 22, are a father/son team from Yakima.  Car 22 and Car 27,  Bill Shields and Alex Schoenauer, are fundraising for Pegasus Project, an equine center providing therapeutic riding and equine activities to those living with special needs and disabilities.  Valerie Day is graciously, matching donations up to 10K.  So, if you'd like to donate, and double your gift (and help Danny get a horse named after him), see:
by Kim Lyford Bishop, in Seattle, aka ducktower
Danny and Michael Day are a father/son team

Thursday, November 21, 2013